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A garbage disposal can serve as a great asset in the kitchen, improving the speed and ease with which your family can clean up after meals. However, a failing or problematic garbage disposal is often more trouble than it’s worth, reducing the efficiency in the kitchen and increasing the risks of plumbing problems associated with your kitchen sink. Spotting the signs that it’s time for garbage disposal replacement in Columbus will eliminate the issues associated with a problematic appliance and restore the efficiency and convenience of your kitchen once more.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Over 15

Like all household appliances, garbage disposals have a limited lifetime. Once this life expectancy has been reached, your disposal is running on borrowed time and has likely become both less efficient and outstripped by modern technology. The average life expectancy of a kitchen garbage disposal is between eight and fifteen years. If your garbage disposal has been in place for longer than this period of time, it’s definitely time to start considering garbage disposal replacement, even if the disposal appears to be working normally. This is because the longer your disposal remains in service past its life expectancy, the higher the chances are that you’ll experience a major issue such as disposal motor burnout that will require replacement of the unit. Taking proactive steps to replace your disposal before it fails due to old age will allow you to take your time choosing the product that is best for your home and schedule replacement when it’s convenient for you.

Your Garbage Disposal Needs Constant Resets

Electrical issues are a common sign of a failing garbage disposal. If you’re frequently resetting the outlet to which your disposal is attached or even resetting your circuit breaker because your disposal trips its circuit, it’s definitely time to consult your plumber about the benefits of garbage disposal replacement. Frequent electrical issues such as these typically indicate an issue with the wiring of your disposal; especially if the disposal is several years old, the constant need to reset it is likely a sign of age and wear.

Your Sink or Dishwasher Are Being Replaced

It’s not always necessary to replace your garbage disposal when planning other plumbing upgrades such as a new kitchen sink or dishwasher, but it may be a good time to consider garbage disposal replacement if your other kitchen features are wearing out. If your garbage disposal is significantly less than eight years old, it’s worth attaching your current disposal to your new sink or dishwasher. However, if your disposal is at least eight years old, replacing your sink or dishwasher is the perfect opportunity to replace your disposal as well to ensure the entire system is up to date and able to provide a problem-free function for many years to come.

If you’re wondering whether garbage disposal replacement is the right move for you, our experienced plumbers serving Columbus can help. We will be happy to perform a complete plumbing evaluation to assess the condition of your kitchen plumbing and let you know the best updates, upgrades, and replacements for the efficient and effective function you want. You can find out more about garbage disposal replacement and our other home plumbing services on our website, where you can also check out our other blog articles for additional tips and information.

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