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Every drain in your plumbing is connected to a single sewer line, which carries the combined wastewater generated from your home or business to your municipal sewer system. However, this sewer line is vulnerable to several potential problems, including leaks and damage caused by tree roots, shifting soil, and even the weight of oversized vehicles or heavy traffic. When your sewer line becomes damaged or collapses, it can bring your wastewater drainage to a complete halt, disrupting your ability to use your plumbing system and even posing risks such as property damage or health concerns associated with wastewater exposure. Trenchless sewer line replacement is a fast and effective way to address sewer line damage on residential and commercial properties without the problems often associated with the traditional sewer repair methods used in the past.

Faster, Safer Service

In the past, damaged sewer lines were replaced by digging a trench to reach the affected area of the pipe, then removing and replacing it before covering the area once more. However, this solution is time-consuming, expensive, and leaves an open trench on your property for days or even weeks, creating a safety hazard for both your plumbing service and your family, employees, or clients. Trenchless sewer repair typically takes only a few days and is completed via just one or two smaller holes, typically a few feet in diameter, rather than the creation of a larger, more dangerous trench. Not only will you enjoy better drainage in a matter of days when you choose this solution, but the process is also safer for workers and anyone with access to your property during the repair process as well.

Less Disruptive Solution

One of the significant benefits of trenchless sewer replacement is its minimal effect on your property. Digging trenches requires not only the use of large equipment, but can also potentially damage driveways, sidewalks, landscaping, and other yard features that may need to be removed to access the affected area of sewer pipe. Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement can be performed without affecting your property, maintaining its curb appeal and eliminating the need for costly repairs or replacement after your plumbing repairs have been made. This minimally-disruptive solution is simply more convenient and less stressful than worrying about how the creation of a trench will affect the aesthetic value, and function of your property long after your plumbers have finished your sewer line replacement project.

Are you concerned about the performance of your sewer line? We have the equipment and the experience needed to quickly diagnose sewer problems and, if needed, get started on professional sewer line replacement in Columbus, OH, including trenchless sewer line repair and replacement to minimize the cost and stress associated with this vital plumbing service and extend the functional lifetime of your sewer line for decades to come. You can learn more about our comprehensive plumbing solutions for residential and commercial properties on our website, where you’ll also find more helpful plumbing information and tips on on our blog.

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